goldy leaning on DNA smallMy contact information, a brief biography, and other background can be found here. I have written abstracts targeted to the lay public for each of my publications, which can be found at each’s publication’s webpage. Please feel free to contact me with any questions about my work.

Below is some of my past work that has been featured in scientific and popular media.

A simple physical mechanism enables homeostasis in primitive cells. (Nature Chemistry 2016)


Featured in:


Functional RNAs exhibit tolerance for non-heritable 2′–5′ versus 3′–5′ backbone heterogeneity (Nature Chemistry 2013)


Featured in:

Intercalation as a means to suppress cyclization and promote polymerization of base-pairing oligonucleotides in a prebiotic world (PNAS 2010)


Featured in:

Metal ion interactions with G-Quadruplex structures and Sequence-Specific DNA-Metal Ion Interactions (Nucleic Acid-Metal Ion Interactions, RSC Publishing 2009)


Featured in:

  • Book Review in Angewandte Chemie International Edition in English
  • Book Review in Journal of the American Chemical Society